About the Author
Until recently, Jeffrey's greatest accomplishment was winning the Brookside Elementary School Spelling Bee — obliterating his long-time rival, Leonard Presberg.
Ever since studying developmental psychology at Cornell, Jeffrey has been intrigued by human behavior and personality disorders. Some might say his interest in this subject should have motivated him to seek therapy. Instead, it inspired him to become a writer.
After earning a Master’s degree from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, Jeffrey foolishly sidestepped his passion by working in marketing and advertising — culminating in a soul-crushing position as VP, Creative Services for a Wall Street conglomerate.
Drained from overusing words like “synergy,” he became a film professor and founding director of the Television and Film Arts program at SUNY Buffalo State. Hoping to impress his parents, Jeffrey wrote a fairly well-reviewed book on heroes and villains and directed short films and a half-  hour TV pilot that screened at major film festivals.
A WGA member, Jeffrey sold a project to Showtime, was a winner of the WGA Screenplay Reading Series, directed the WGA's TV Pilots Resurrected program at Lincoln Center, and participated in the ABC Daytime Writer Development Program.   
COMPLETERLY INCOMPLETE was selected by a panel of Hollywood agents for publication as part of Inkshares’ "The List" competition and is Jeffrey's debut novel.